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Budget Nerding On A Whole New Level

Hey. Have you ever heard of YNAB? You Need A Budget? If we’re friends I’ve probably mentioned it to you at some point. I can’t keep my mouth shut about this budgeting software – in fact, it has led to great conversations about the psychology of money.

Well, I follow YNAB pretty closely via their weekly newsletters and their blog, where I get all sorts of wisdom about how other people manage their finances and ways to get the most out of my software subscription. So, sometimes their newsletters include job postings. It’s a remote company that consistently ranks as a great place to work, and their mission and values strongly resonate with me. I’ve sent at least a couple of applications for various positions, always to be told, thanks for applying, we had thousands of applicants, but you weren’t chosen this time around!

Is the third time a charm? (Was this my third time applying? I don’t really know.) Because this time they were looking for customer support specialists outside the US to fill in during the holiday rush season, and I got chosen!

I’m thrilled to have the good fortune of being offered a spot on the seasonal support team of my favorite software company! In this job I’ll be helping customers with their accounts, setting college students up with a free year of YNAB, and explaining budgeting methods. I’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at even more information that will definitely help me use my subscription even better.

So from mid-November to mid-February I’ll be teaching English in the mornings and then answering support emails in the afternoons. Should be a fun way to survive another probable lockdown, and definitely helps me boost my income so I can save faster for the future. What’s not to love? You can look forward to hearing me talk EVEN MORE about budgeting, my friends.