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Friday Favoritos

Feliz viernes! I’ve noticed some of my favorite bloggers do a weekly roundup of things they’re into on the internet every week. This will be a fun way to wrap up the week. I’m looking forward to whatever my favorites become while in Spain.

What I’m reading & watching this week…

Books I’m reading:

Crossing to Safety, by Wallace Stegner

Despite the overwhelmingly good reviews on Amazon, I’m conflicted about how much I’m enjoying this book. For such a short book, it’s taking me an awfully long time to finish. The plot is getting a bit excruciating and I just want it to be over already. I don’t particularly like the characters, and nothing is really happening.  I guess I can appreciate the subtlety in the writing, but it’s not going down as one of my all time favorites.

Blast from the past ’90’s moment:

“You gotta believe” video featuring the Ghostwriter cast. (Best show ever!)

Most inspiring:

Wendy Davis’ 13 hour filibuster. Rock on.

 Most relatable:

Kaley of Y Mucho Más facepalms about the Facebook group for Auxiliares. I totally relate after following the group for the last few months, and I haven’t even gone to Spain yet.

 Most helpful:

Trevor Huxham’s review of the Language & Culture Assistant Program after his first year.


Best cartoon reaction to this week’s news:

George Takei says: “It was as if 1,000 unicorns had eaten nothing but skittles.” True story.

Best petition (because, enough already, NSA!):

Stop Watching Us


Admittedly I’ve been a little too distracted with Spain to find much else on the internet worth sharing this week. What are your favorite moments of the week?