I Passed It Sunflower Seed: How I Changed My Opinion on Paris

Me lo pasé pipa: To have a great time, to enjoy an experience.

“Fui al concierto de Shakira y me lo pasé pipa!” “I went to the Shakira concert and had a great time!”

I haven’t shared yet about this past weekend’s trip to Paris! How anyone could NOT pass it sunflower seed in Paris is beyond me, now that I’ve been. I’ve been interested in French culture for a very long time – ever since I snuck a French dictionary from the language arts teacher’s bookshelf in seventh grade. I read cheap e-books about people who move to France to renovate houses or change their lives, or books about child-raising and nutrition the French way. So how is it that being next to this country for the last 4.5 years I’ve never been there (with the exception of a day-trip into Arreau, a village in the Pyrenees, last summer)?

Por fin, mon moment est arrivé. Lisa, one of my closest American friends from my study abroad days, was in Europe for a few months studying French in France, then hopping around Europe. It worked out for us to meet in Paris for her very last weekend in Europe. So to celebrate, we put ourselves purple on camembert, Bordeaux wine, canard, soufflé, and crème brulée. Oh and gluten-free crepes and cider. Needless to say we ate well, but we walked it off – our first night we walked 10km from our apartment to the Eiffel tower and back.

paris window

Lovely views.

It was a weekend full of spontaneous small adventures and taking things slow, not visiting museums, stopping for a drink along the river or hunting for nice quality second-hand clothes. I even met my online French teacher, Esther, who helped me so much with learning useful expressions! I came home feeling fresh and inspired. I didn’t expect to like Paris – I’ve always had a skepticism toward the city. “What’s sOoOo great about the place?” I always asked myself. (Sometimes I have grumpy skeptical tendencies toward things that most of the world loves. Le sigh.) Turns out the rest of the world is right (and that’s why there are so many tourists there) – it’s a beautiful, classy city full of diversity and life. Just the architecture alone was enough for me.  I’m definitely going back to France! Oui, mademoiselle! I can definitely say I’ve changed my opinion of Paris!

eiffel tower

Typical Paris.

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