Let’s Move Forward, Shall We?

Around a month ago, I got the notification that my entire website had suffered an attack and I would need to either pay $700 to clean it up, or delete everything from the hosting server. Of course I opted not to pay $700, because that is just ridiculous. I was pretty sad – not only would I need to completely redo two client websites, but I’d also lose my blog content. I was so proud of all I had written and the beautiful photos.

When I came back from an extended visit with my family, I discovered a lot of the blog had been captured in the internet archives, so I was able to salvage things up through around March 2021. Of course, I would still lose my later posts like my trip to Almería and a few others I had enjoyed writing, but at least not everything was lost.

As I’ve been working to replace the blog posts, I’ve been reflecting on why I need to salvage this material. Other than the fact that I worked hard on it and don’t want it to go to waste, why do I need to get my content back? A lot of it is nostalgia, or reflections that happened at a specific time that are no longer relevant. As S pointed out, “who are you really writing for?” As I replied, “myself, mostly,” I realized that private journaling would do just fine for those thoughts going forward. Why so much personal reflection on the internet for anyone to read? Why share these thoughts with the handful of readers I get? Why not focus more on useful content related to travel, residency, and things like that? Do I really need to repost content from years ago where I shared my feelings about my life mishaps and knee-jerk decisions? Or nostalgia about places I used to live?

That’s a lot of questions. Those one or two repeat visitors who I notice keep coming back may appreciate my reflections, but moving forward, I’ll try changing the tone and overall purpose of this blog. These days I’m making an effort to live more in the present and focus on the near future.