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Conquering Fears and To-Do Lists

In case anyone thought I fell off the earth (or at least the internet), I’ve had a very busy last two weeks with things completely unrelated to Spain. I went to San Diego to see friends, attended a wedding, and have had many other things on my plate.  I’ve given myself some time off from constant Spain planning, otherwise I would have become a giant exploding stress ball. I was also succumbing to fears and doubts, which is normal under stress. What if the kids don’t like me? What if I’m making a terrible decision? What if I can’t find an apartment? What if my visa falls through? Bahh! So rather than entertain those thoughts, I decided to take a few days off mentally and focus on my to-do list. This has really helped me deal with fears more rationally.


In other news, things I REALLY need to practice before moving to Spain:
      • Staying up past 10PM
      • Tolerating more than one drink
      • Not putting my clothes in the dryer, ever
      • Eating eggs for dinner
      • Living on a salary 1/3 the size of the one I’m used to
      • Having a more chill attitude toward smokers


… I’m just glad “taking malaria pills” or “reading Japanese” isn’t on my list. I think I’ll manage! 🙂

One thought on “Conquering Fears and To-Do Lists

  1. Yes, very important to stay up past 10 p.m., even on week nights we usually eat dinner around 9:30 or 10!

    The salary thing isn’t so bad, honestly! Spain’s cost of living is way cheaper—food is noticeably so! And private classses are a nice way to supplement your paltry little salary. 🙂

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