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Planning For Spain: The Beginning

Ah, España. Spain is the kind of place that, at least for me, needs to be drunk in slowly, like a fine wine. A 2005 Pinot Noir. Sip it slowly, this isn’t two buck chuck. It’s not the kind of place I feel a two week vacation would do justice. It’s the kind of place I want to be part of, to get to know on a deeper level. I had the fortune of studying in Santander, Spain during my very last semester in college, completely on a whim, and I’m so glad I did! It captured my heart and I can hardly go a day without thinking about it. Still. Eight years later. (For God’s sake, my internet passwords are still Spain-related!) The history. The architecture. The food. The landscapes. The people.So after much pondering, I am finally making my move this year. I’ve applied to the Language and Culture Assistant Program, where I’ll spend time helping teachers in Spanish classrooms to enhance the kids’ English learning. It’s a great program to participate in as I consider whether teaching would be a good career option for me. The program itself was ridiculously easy to apply to. I’ll do a separate post on what the application process is like.Since I basically knew for sure that I wanted to do this since April 2012, I’ve been working on a massive spreadsheet for the last year, accumulating data, links, and all my planning for Spain in one place. It has been wonderful in that it gives me something to focus my energy on and look forward to. So when I browsed the Language Assistant Facebook group and noticed how many people have questions and need help, I realized that sharing my information might help a lot of people. So I posted a quick blurb asking if anyone needed help, and I got so. many. responses.

And you know what? I really enjoyed the process. It combines several of the things I love most: helping people, cultures, travel, personal finance/budgeting, and lists! I had a cheesy smile on my face the entire day. 🙂 It has given me a little more focus and I’m hoping to make my blog center around how to mix travel and finance. I’m hoping down the road I can professionally do something like this – some kind of mix of life coaching, event planning, or travel advising. I’m interested in so many things, but at my core I really need to interact with people and help them be their best selves. It’s terrifying to not know what I’m going to do after this program, but I can’t wait to start my next chapter.

P.S. This blog will be all over the place for a while until I spew ALL the thoughts about the process…. then it will hopefully become more organized and chronological. Vamos a ver.